BATLINER WANGER BATLINER Attorneys at Law Ltd. is one of the largest law firms in Liechtenstein, with head offices in Vaduz. Information to the liquidation of Gable Insurance AG


One of the largest law firms in Liechtenstein

At the beginning of 2002, the law firm of Dr. iur. Dr.Dr. h.c. Gerard Batliner & Dr. Martin Batliner, Vaduz, and the two lawyers Dr. Ralph Wanger and Dr. Christian Batliner joined forces to establish the law firm of BATLINER WANGER BATLINER Rechtsanwälte, Vaduz, which was organized as a partnership. In early 2008, the law firm partnership was extended to include a fourth partner, lic. iur. Hansjörg Lingg. The law firm was converted from an ordinary partnership into a corporation (Aktiengesellschaft) in 2008, and in October 2014, lic. iur. Markus Wille joined the law firm as an additional partner. The law firm has grown continuously every year since the beginning of the partnership. BATLINER WANGER BATLINER has now become one of the largest law firms in Liechtenstein that is active in the field of litigation. BATLINER WANGER BATLINER now employs a dozen lawyers and several legal assistants.

Specialists in various fields of law

BATLINER WANGER BATLINER has four dynamic teams that work in civil and criminal law, company law, capital market law and public law. Each team consists of a number of partners and lawyers with varying degrees of seniority. Specialization means that all requirements of a client can be addressed quickly and in an individual manner, and that cases can be handled efficiently with appropriate effort. Since our employees see themselves as partners, interdisciplinary approaches are possible, making expert knowledge from all fields of law easily available. This enables us to handle our clients› requirements in a flexible manner.

Strong ties with Liechtenstein

Our long-standing practical experience enables us to provide efficient and comprehensive legal advice in all fields of Liechtenstein law. Our clients appreciate our strong ties with Liechtenstein, which are reflected by our long-standing relations with decision-makers and public authorities. BATLINER WANGER BATLINER is in an ideal position to meet the requirements of domestic clients. Many of our employees hold functions in public institutions. For example, Dr. Martin Batliner has been President of the Liechtenstein Association for People with Disabilities since 2011, and was a member of the Supervisory Board of the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority between 2005 and 2009. Both Dr. Ralph Wanger as well as lic. iur. Markus Wille were appointed as Substitute Judges of the Constitutional Court; the former held this office for ten years, and the latter has held it since 2008. Dr. Christian Batliner was a Judge at the Administrative Court from 2001 to 2009, and from 2009 to 2017 a member of the Liechtenstein Parliament. He was appointed as President of the Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) in 2017. Lic. iur. Hansjörg Lingg was a member of the Board of the Liechtenstein Cultural Foundation for several years. Since 2016, lic. iur. Christine Tinner-Rampone has been a member of the Board of the Cultural Foundation.

BATLINER WANGER BATLINER works with many of the best law firms abroad. We are therefore able to offer international and holistic solutions as well. Our clients are private individuals as well as national and international enterprises.

Fees / Terms & conditions

BATLINER WANGER BATLINER offers fair terms and conditions for fees. The fee for our work depends essentially on the time spent, the amount in dispute and the complexity of the case. As a result of our long-standing experience, we are able to inform our clients in advance and in a transparent way about the costs that are to be expected. We shall also be pleased to calculate the court fees or administrative fees that are to be expected. Our real estate team uses lump-sum fees, so that we are able to inform you in advance about the cost of preparing real estate agreements of any kind. We at BATLINER WANGER BATLINER work in a cost-effective manner, taking into account the financial circumstances of our clients.