New law firm software

A groundbreaking decision for our law firm.

After a long phase of evaluation, we made a groundbreaking decision for our firm just before Christmas. We decided to rely on LEXolution Suite as our law firm software in the future. LEXolution Suite is a leading law firm software of the company STP AG in Europe. This will enable us to represent the interests of our clients even more efficiently and effectively in the future. For example, LEXolution Suite will enable us to switch to the digital file. The software also offers the possibility to communicate with the client via a cloud solution and to form a working group with him.

The most important reasons for our decision for the software from STP AG were: LEXolution Suite is DSGVO-compliant, it can display the digital file and also enables the file to be stored electronically in an audit-proof manner. Working with LEXolution Suite is very easy because it is based on the Microsoft Office (e.g. Outlook) environment. It also works with artificial intelligence by intuitively providing the lawyer with the right file or document to be processed and storing it in the right place. Finally, the software will soon have a tariff calculator with which the Liechtenstein lawyer’s tariff can be displayed. Thanks to an interface to our accounting program SAGE, the bookings can be easily introduced into the software. In short, LEXolution Suite offers everything that we wanted for our new law firm software.

Fortunately, STP AG has decided to open up the Liechtenstein market together with Switzerland, which is expressed by an office presence in Ruggell/FL. This also ensures optimal support, which was also very important for our decision.

You can find more detailed information on www.stp-online.li.